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Bendigo excavation & earthmoving

Ask Plumbworx Bendigo about the range of excavation and earthmoving services we provide in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Heathcote and Kangaroo Flat.

We have ready access to all types of heavy and specialist equipment used in excavation and earthmoving and provide prompt on-site service to keep your plumbing project on track.

Our expert plumbers and operators can complete all trenching, levelling and site works for drainage, hot water installation, gas design and installations and general plumbing in Bendigo.

Site and operator safety is critical during excavation and earthmoving works. Our professionals are safety-focussed, enthusiastic and available for plumbing Bendigo at affordable rates.

Contact us to learn more about Plumbworx Bendigo’s other services, inlcuding general plumbing, roofing and drainage in Bendigo.